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As well as referring to a retail establishment that serves drinks, the term 'bar' also means the counter area at which these drinks are served, including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, mineral water and soft drinks. A well-equipped establishment with the correct bar equipment will have everything which is needed to keep the drinks service running smoothly, not to mention good contact to a reliable manufacturer and supplier of equipment and goods, which can be found through

Essential tools of the drinks trade include beer pumps and drip trays, spirit dispensers and optics, stainless steel spirit measures, corkscrews and bottle openers - handheld or wall/surface mounted with top catchers. A variety of glasses are required; other basics include a cutting board for fruit and garnishes, sharp knives, ice tongs and scoops as well as juice squeezers. Robust and reliable fridges or commercial bottle coolers are a necessary essential, depending on the size of the bar, to keep drinks cold. Icemakers are useful depending on the type of bar and climate.

Extra finishing touches include bar mats, serviette holders, straws, stirrers and other hospitality products. Additionally, premium equipment such as insulated ice buckets for serving champagne may be useful, depending on the target clientele and service envisaged. Novelty drinking accessories such as free flow cocktail pourers or shaker tins (ranging from the economical to the deluxe) are another possible idea.

The hospitality industry has to ensure it meets and adapts to the end consumers’ demands, which means it’s vital for companies working in this industry to have reliable suppliers for furniture and equipment. helps businesses to locate a new wholesale bar equipment supplier or manufacturer.

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