Ashtrays are small practical objects designed to receive ash from cigarettes and cigars and, generally, the left over stubs as well. These are often made from ceramics, glass or metal and are designed to withstand the high temperatures that they regularly encounter. Wholesale ashtrays tend to offer standardized designs with mass appeal. These will be popular with public venues such as pubs, clubs and bars.

Wholesale ashtrays are by no means standard in design, boasting a greater number of design variations than may be expected. A lot of ashtrays will feature small dips in the outer rim, allowing users to rest and then pick up their cigarette or cigar with ease. Designers may try and find creative and attractive ways of incorporating this feature. Although a number of ashtrays look like a small dish, many integrate a sealed compartment designed to enclose the ash and discarded cigarette butts. By integrating this section, manufacturers have helped hide unsightly rubbish and make ashtrays look tidier. Ashtray stockists have a large range of designs available to them, and helps to gather relevant products and wholesalers in one place.

The majority of ashtrays are small, round and have a flat base, helping them sit discreetly on a table top. Others are designed to be mounted on a wall. These models are most common in public spaces and outdoor areas, and such designs often feature a small bin where cigarette butts can be disposed. This section can also offer advertising space, allowing bars and clubs to promote products or events to the people using their smoking areas. Although most wholesale ashtrays ashtrays follow traditional and practical designs, ashtrays can also appeal to collectors. Stand out designs and branded ashtrays may be purchased for their novelty value rather than practical value.

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ARIR: a trademark which has been on the-market, in the gift sector from 1968. The company...

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