Bottle Openers & Corkscrews

Bottle openers are a home essential. With a distinctive hook and lever motion to prise off bottle caps, these items make a vital addition to any kitchen’s inventory. The same is true of corkscrews, as without the iconic spiral tool, a cork can seem impossible to remove without destroying it. For bar and restaurant owners, both items are literally the key to their business.

Wholesale bottle openers are a great stock item, given the ever present need for people to open their drinks. Buyers can easily find a bottle openers supplier at With the huge range of wholesale bottle openers available, for domestic and business use, buyers can rest safe in the knowledge that there will always be a bottle openers supplier to meet their specific need. From the metal caps on bottled beer to the caps on classic soft drink bottles, openers get a lot of use and cannot be easily replaced by another tool. Key-ring sized and other small bottle openers are excellent gifts, always on hand when the bottles are passed out. Bars and restaurants similarly prize wall-mounted bottle openers which save valuable seconds with every sale.

Buyers can also find corkscrews wholesale, for the opening of wine bottles and other drinks that use corks. From the clever double lever corkscrew to the classic ‘waiter’s friend’, corkscrews have been household and restaurant essentials for hundreds of years. Certainly, for high-class gourmet and hospitality institutions, opening the wine bottle for consumers is an important aspect to ceremonious dining.

Whether buying bottle openers or corkscrews wholesale, has suitable suppliers. These items often go hand in hand with bar set and accessories, coasters and wine accessories; all the accoutrement of wine enjoyment, whether in a restaurant or entertaining guests at home.

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