Coasters are placed under cups, mugs and glasses to prevent any marks through condensation or spillage damaging a table's surface. Used in the home as well as in bars, cafes and restaurants, coasters come in any number of possible materials. They can be trademarked to match a specific drink's brand or may be neutral or decorated in keeping with a specific decor. Coaster suppliers of all kinds can be sourced by using

Depending upon where they are to be used and – more importantly – with which drinks, wholesale coasters vary in design. Originating from Germany, beermats first made their appearance in 1880 and have been an essential item for bars and pubs ever since. Not just practical items ensuring a premise's furniture remains clean, branded beermats are also popular with collectors. Wholesale coasters are frequently ordered by drinking establishments, as each cold drink is usually served with a new coaster. Owing to this constant demand, good contact with a coasters supplier, such as can be found on, is necessary.

A coasters manufacturer may use a variety of different materials in their coasters. Typically, a specific type of paperboard will be used, though it's not unheard of for cork or other recyclable materials to feature in the manufacture, too. Where hot drinks are served in establishments, coasters are oftentimes part of the crockery. Small saucers, for example, often serve the same purpose as a coaster. For any public establishment, the need for wholesale coasters - in whichever form - is constant.

A coasters supplier may consider packaging coasters together with other bar accessories and supplies. Especially for home bars and smaller establishments, packages of bar-keeping essentials, including cork screws and stylish coasters, for example, make suitable gift items.

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