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Smoking accessories are no longer limited to a little bag of tobacco and a pipe. Though these traditions still live on and traditional smoking accessories can also be regarded as collectible items, the advancement of technology and concerns about health means that a whole new type of smoker has emerged – the electronic smoker. E-cigarettes and vaporisers are increasingly popular, and companies now compete to please consumers who demand the latest products.

Some e-cigarettes include different flavours of cartridges for customers who desire variety in their smoking experiences. Of course, this can mean having to expand the search for a supplier, as different chemicals and other materials need to be sought to make this possible. Equally, it is important to find a supplier who complies with the various legislation and health and safety standards inherent in the smoking industry, particularly with newer products. When it comes to identifying reliable suppliers of smoking accessories, B2B portals such as’s prove highly useful.

There are still smokers who are loyal to the old methods and value more conventional smoking accessories. Wooden pipes are utilised by a large proportion of smokers and can be produced inexpensively as wholesale products. Traders should consider that bespoke, personalised items can be sold at higher prices than wholesale products as customers are often willing to pay more for goods produced on a made to measure basis. For instance, a customer may want an engraving on the pipe for a special event. Savvy traders will combine wholesale and individual techniques - a company could purchase the base pipe structure wholesale, but then also employ a qualified engraver to make each one unique. can help businesses keep up with the latest technologies by connecting up companies with innovative ideas, in terms of both the manufacturing processes and modern and conventional products.

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Bombay Leathers

We are manufacturers of leather Goods in India Since 1984.



Curly & Smooth Handels GmbH

Importer for lighters, smokers, distribution all over Europe, many products and licensing...


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MINI Q MINI Q - A Slim, Featherweight Mod Mini Q is the a smallest mod in the world...


Elektronica-SM-Handels GmbH

TOM Lighters is not just a brand. It's a name which stands for premium quality...


Cannes Fayet, walking sticks

The last factory of sticks of France, possessing a know-how in the respect for the tradition...



Different kind of lighters of our own brand Eurojet available.

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