Practically every modern household possesses a lighter of some sort or another. Whether for lighting candles at dinner, a gas stove, an open fire, a barbecue, fireworks or simply a well-earned cigarette, the most reliable source of ignition will invariably be a lighter.

Wholesale lighters with a traditional flame range from brightly coloured disposable gas lighters to refillable luxury lighters plated in gold or silver. The first commercial lighters appeared over a century ago and used a flint. Today, a lighters manufacturer on will use either a flint or electronic mechanism to produce the flame. Jet and torch flame lighters are wind resistant and are popular with cigar smokers, who traditionally use matches to avoid tainting the cigar. Lighters for pipe smokers conveniently produce the flame from the side of the lighter, whilst USB rechargeable lighters have dispensed with a conventional flame altogether.

Promotional wholesale lighters have long been a favourite marketing tool for the entertainment industry, with bars, clubs, music venues and pubs adopting them for branding. These lighters usually have an adjustable flame and many also possess a child safety element. Cigarette lighters feature prominently in the tobacco collectibles market, with iconic styles, such as the petrol lighter, still hugely popular.

Kitchen and candle lighters from a lighters manufacturer are generally child proof and produce either a flame, spark or electric pulse. A long reach handle makes it easy and safe to ignite a gas oven or barbecue. Utility lighters even come with flexible necks for hard to reach places. As with conventional lighters, styles vary from plastic kitchen models to stylish brushed metal candle lighters for the dining table.

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Akra Kotschenreuther GmbH

The company was found by Andreas Kotschenreu-ther in 1899. In the first time it was a little...



Different kind of lighters of our own brand Eurojet available.


BIC Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG

BIC® - More Than Only A Product Every day, BIC® sells 22 million articles of stationary...


Kitchen Lighters

Micro Torch MT-50 4 colours assorted height appr. 11cm blister packing / tear...


Curly & Smooth Handels GmbH

Importer for lighters, smokers, distribution all over Europe, many products and licensing...


Kitchen lighters

Utiliy Lighter Gourd, duo tone 4 colours assorted height appr. 26cm blister packing...


Elektronica-SM-Handels GmbH

TOM Lighters is not just a brand. It's a name which stands for premium quality...


Kitchen Lighters

Zenga ZT-10 Torch Jet Giraffe jet flame 4 colours assorted height appr. 10cm...


Flameclub Europe B.V.

Flameclub is a leading producer / importer / distributor of quality lighters. Our...


Hermann Hauser GmbH

The company is run by the general managers Heinz Hauser, Peter Hauser, Dieter Venzl...

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