Wholesale matches are boxes of small sticks of wood which have potassium chlorate on their heads. On the side of the box of matches is a strip of cardboard which has a phosphorus surface. When the match head is struck against the phosphorus surface, the two compounds mix which causes a small explosion and subsequent ignition of flame. There are many different sizes of boxes produced by a matches manufacturer on The larger kitchen boxes of matches are usually used for convenience in the home;perhaps to light a gas oven, to burn garden refuse or simply light a candle. Smaller portable boxes of matches are ideal to carry around, stored in a car or bag and they can be used both indoors or outdoors. Consumer purchase of matches manufacturer products are still as popular as ever despite the modern lighter, as most households recognize the need for emergency fire if a lighter runs out or gets mislaid. As a result, wholesale matches are still highly desirable items stored for emergency purposes.

Matches remain popular smoking accessories for the seasoned pipe-smoker. Pipes need to be packed tightly with tobacco so pipe smokers often find regular lighters are not suitable, as a pipe tobacco resin tends to peter out frequently. Modernised lighters are also shaped in such a way that pipe smokers find it difficult to light a pipe because of the very distinct angle of the pipe head. Wholesale matches and other pipe accessories like storage tins and boxes, designed to house matches, are highly desirable items to the pipe smoker, as they are part of the pleasurable pipe smoking experience.

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