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Wholesale wine accessories are items or equipment that helps store or serve wine. Typical items in this category include wine glasses and wine bottle openers. Wholesale wine accessories like corkscrews come in many varieties, varying in their complexity. The wine key bottle opener, for example, has levers on either side that relieve the cork. An added feature is a small pen knife which can cut through wine bottle foil and wiring which secures the opening of the wine bottle. Bottle openers with novelty features are popular in the wine accessories manufacturer trade as they incorporate a personalized or fun aspect. Wine glasses are desirable consumer goods, especially if they are made from superior quality glass with a polished finish. Those in the gastronomic trade can use to get in touch with wholesale wine glass suppliers.

There are many other unusual wholesale wine accessories made by a wine accessories manufacturer in this competitive marketplace. Decorative wine racks made from steel or vintage wood make beautiful decorative ornaments and complement the traditional and contemporary kitchen. Wine decanters made from cut crystal can be a colourful centrepiece that sets off a sophisticated dining space. Wine collars are used to stop droplets of wine from dripping and also provide secure grip. Wine coolers come in a variety of shapes and can be made from precious metals such as silver or brass. Other articles in this range from traders on include wine stoppers, which are durable corks designed to keep wine fresh and secure.

Antique pieces in this category fetch princely sums at auctions. A most sought after item would be the champagne (or wine) swizzle stick. These pretty ornamental objects are hand-made from precious materials like silver, crystal and ivory making them desirable items for wine enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

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