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Cleaning tools are an essential part of modern living, helping to provide a safe, pleasant and healthy environment. With both mechanical and hand operated tools being popular in domestic, business and industrial settings, they're often sold both wholesale and retail in conjunction with cleaning products, or information on where these can be sourced. A supply of clean water is also needed when using most tools. At, buyers and sellers of cleaning tools can find each other.

The wholesale of cleaning tools is a key purchase area for companies supplying industrial and healthcare establishments, where cleanliness and hygiene are an integral part of their process. Tools and equipment will need to be renewed and updated on a rolling programme. A hospital or a food production factory, for example, must have the latest cleaning technology to prevent germs and ill-health.

Most companies will use both indoor and outdoor cleaning routines. Equipment needed for this might be seasonal in outdoor settings, so wholesale stock levels may need to be flexible upon demand to meet this need. Many cleaning tools are standardised, making it easy to purchase replacement parts provided a reliable supplier is contacted. Sometimes it's possible to replace worn out parts and accessories on individual tools with generics or compatibles, if not spares from the actual brand itself, although wise companies can make contact with appropriate suppliers using the online portal

All tools must comply with individual safety legislation, which is particularly important for electrical and power tools. Safety operative training is often needed, with personal protective equipment, especially when hazardous chemicals are used with the tool. Cleaning tools must always come supplied with instructions on safe and correct use.

Some brands have become world leaders in particular types of tools and equipment, such as vacuums and carpet cleaners. aims to connect a diverse range of cleaning tool suppliers with potential customers through providing essential information on each company and its products and services.

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