There is a significantly large number of cleaning tools available and considered as necessary to the hygienic maintenance of the home and working environments. The number of accessories for these tools is also significant and as new tools are developed, so does the number of accessories, too. Replacement rollers, sponges, discs and brushes are required for large heavy duty industrial cleaning machines. Nozzles, flexible tubing, and aluminium extending handles are needed for high pressure water jetting, while hand-held plastic spray bottles make the cleaning easier when wiping down a work surface at home.

Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fabric and carpet cleaning, tiled, wood, stone and vinyl floor cleaning, machine and oven cleaning, office equipment and the factory floor all require different cleaning accessories to make the job easier and manageable. For the home, cleaning accessories for every surface can be found. Thousands of cleaning companies, janitorial suppliers, DIY stores, facilities management companies, government establishments - in fact anyone involved in cleaning anything - needs to be able to source supplies. Using provides easy access to suppliers and manufacturers of all types of cleaning accessories and equipment. Other accessories include items which are essential to worker safety. Heat and chemical resistant gloves, for example, ensure no skin damage is caused by using abrasive and aggressive cleaning chemicals. Nylon and wire hand held brushes, mop and brush heads, squeegees, steel and nylon scourers, and extension handles for window cleaning ensure workers can reach the areas to be cleaned with relative ease.

Heavy duty motorised cleaning equipment wholesalers and suppliers need to be able to source replacement parts to ensure the equipment operates to its full potential: while a small cleaning company needs to be able to source plastic bin bags, replacement vacuum bags and liquid soaps.

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