Brooms, Wiper & Sweepers

The humble broom has changed little over the centuries. Straight, round, wooden, plastic, or aluminium handles have replaced the broken tree branch, and the head can be either man made bristles, or nature’s own. A wholesale brooms supplier will stock inexpensive brooms with synthetic bristles, to the higher quality models, with heads made from broomcom; a hard wearing species of upright grass. Janitorial supplies companies will require wholesale brooms, mops, buckets, wipers and sweepers, along with cleaning products for every conceivable surface. Brooms manufacturer and suppliers of cleaning products are available on

Wholesale mops usually come in two standard types, the dry mop and the wet mop. Normally used on bare or tiled floors, the dry flat synthetic mop head generally swivels on the handle, facilitating easy access under beds and heavy furniture. The wet mop can have cloth or sponge heads which are dipped in a disinfectant water mix, excess water squeezed out, and is used on tiled, stone, or vinyl floors such as bathrooms and kitchens.

For carpeted areas sweepers are used. Carpet sweepers, a tin box equipped with rollers and bristles is hand powered using a back and forth action, and can be used on bare, tiled and carpeted areas. The forerunner to the vacuum cleaner, sweepers are still popular today in areas such as hospitals and nursing homes where food crumbs or dust can be collected quickly and quietly with minimum disturbance to residents.

A wiper manufacturer produces wipers with the head hinged in the centre. With absorbent sponge on each side, the handle has a lever which pushes the halves together to squeeze out excess water. Wipers are often used after the floor has been mopped to reduce drying time.

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