A brushes supplier will typically produce many cleaning tools for the domestic market, such as brooms, wipers and sweepers. Although wholesale brushes tend to reach their buyers through an established cleaning tools distribution network, some are made for specific purposes, like those used in hospitals, and, therefore, bought directly from manufacturers. Products such as yard brushes, garden brushes and external wire brushes all tend to go through the wholesale brushes network, however. Brush designers are constantly trying to make their products stand out from the crowd and to emphasise their superior cleaning ability. The rigidity and durability of the bristles tends to be a key selling point, especially with brushes that are designed for outdoor use. Wholesale brushes suppliers which specialise in carpet brushes tend to focus on softer bristles that have the ability to pick up fine dirt, on the other hand. Either way, a brushes manufacturer is likely to be trying to make their products' handles as light and ergonomic as possible to provide users with greater comfort.

Given that brushes are not just for floor cleaning jobs, a brushes supplier will usually stock sets of products, offered in a range of sizes, for different applications. For example, packs of bottle cleaning brushes of various lengths are sold. These are made to be thin so that the insides of vessels can be reached through tight access points. In some cases, a brushes manufacturer will supply their product with an ash pan for dealing with accidentally dropped items. In industry, brushes include tools that are designed for cleaning vents, reaching behind radiators and removing grime build up from boilers. Stove brushes, usually sporting brass bristles, are manufactured for scraping off greasy dirt deposits and used in both the home and industrial applications. Suppliers on all of these product categories can be identified using

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