Cleaning Textiles

Cleaning textiles are often considered as part of the home textiles market, where manufacturers produce items for the mass market. Many cleaning products have brand names ensuring that they’re easily remembered by domestic consumers, for example. Nevertheless, the producers of cleaning fabrics also make a large number of products for more specialist or industrial applications, meaning that some textiles are used exclusively by the aviation industry, for instance, in order to clean fuel tanks or other parts of an aircraft. In other situations, textiles with specific abrasive qualities are produced to clean industrial kilns and ovens.

It is the mass market where the bulk of the textiles industry is aimed. In terms of home cleaning, this means the production of floor cloths, sponges, dish cloths and window cleaning fabrics. Many cleaning cloths are made to last and can withstand repeated use with relatively strong fibers. And yet, the industry also makes many throw away or single use cloths as well, usually aimed at situations where anti-bacterial properties are wanted, such as food preparation areas. Indeed, hospitals and health services will need cleaning textiles which have been tested to ensure they are anti-allergenic. Services such as car cleaning and vehicle maintenance will require a steady supply of sturdier materials which can withstand the nature of the work, for example. Cleaning textiles can also be considered specifically for the care and maintenance of special furniture, for example leather sofas or antique wood.

Suppliers and manufacturers of cleaning textiles of all sizes and shapes can be found at The number of industries reliant upon cleaning textiles is immense, and finding reliable wholesale traders is often the key to business success.

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