Wholesale sponge goods are aids used primarily for cleaning in kitchen and bathroom areas. Sponge manufacturer products from suppliers at productpilot.com are mostly made from wood fibres or foam polyester and synthetic PVA components, as these materials absorb liquid well. When a little liquid is added to the sponge composition, it loosens up the porous content, which enables the sponge to glide across surfaces and remove dirt and grime with ease.

Wholesale sponge cleaning textiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom where there are enamel, ceramic or metal fixtures. Sponges are especially suited for these areas as they are non-abrasive, meaning that dirt and stains can be removed from the metal or enamel surface without there being any visible damage afterwards.

Sponges for household use are often sold in multi-packs and designed to fulfil a dual purposes. Kitchen sponges, for example, may be manufactured with an abrasive side for scrubbing purposes. These are particularly useful for cleaning kitchen utensils that acquire tough stains and food residue. The other may be soft for polishing purposes. Owing to the sponge’s porous quality, the sponge works well on bath tubs and sinks. Sponges can be used to supplement other household cleaning products. For instance, most modern mopping brushes incorporate sponge heads as they soak up residue liquid.

Porous sponge is used as a cleaning aid in commercial enterprise. Car wash facilities, cleaning companies and even the auto-mobile industry all have use for large-scale appliances and accessories which use sponge as the base for cleaning tools. Natural sponges made from animal fibres and other gentle substances are also used for cleaning the face and body. These items help soothe and smooth skin and make pretty bathroom accessories. Painters and craft-enthusiasts also use these natural substances to create sponge-inspired designs, as they can be easily manipulated to create art work. For companies where the common sponge is a business essential, productpilot.com is the resource to use for locating wholesale suppliers.

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