Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaner is an appliance that is used to collect dirt and dust from a surface. The device operates by creating a partial vacuum to suck up the particles, which are then collected in dust bag or cyclone. The vacuum is produced with an air pump, though developments in design have seen some models fitted with a centrifugal fan. Vacuum cleaners are a standard feature in almost every modern home and have industrial uses as well. Wholesale vacuum cleaners are supplied to both domestic appliance retailers and to industrial vacuum systems dealers, which can be found at

Wholesale vacuum cleaners come in a variety of configurations depending on their use. The upright, portable vacuum cleaners are more popular in the UK and North American, whereas the canister model proliferated in Europe. In industrial settings, such as warehouses and workshops, the pneumatic and drum vacuums are preferred as they can deal with wet spills as well as dry particles. Backpack wholesale vacuum cleaners are sold to commercial cleaning companies because they permit the cleaner to freely move around.

The vacuum cleaner manufacturer continues to introduce innovations, for example, handheld and rechargeable vacuums for small spills or awkward-shaped spaces such as stairs and inside motor vehicles. Central vacuum cleaners have the air filtration and motor unit in a central location in the building. Ducts radiate from the central unit and have outlets throughout the building. The robotic cleaner, which moves about autonomously, is still a luxury item in residential settings. However, robotic vacuum cleaners are a growing market in hospitals, offices, and hotels. The vacuum cleaner supplier and manufacturer need to remain in close contact to meet market demands.

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