Shirts are garments worn on the upper body, covering the torso and arms. They vary greatly from informal T-shirts which are loose and just cover the upper arms, to dress shirts which are formal and have collars and sleeve cuffs. The materials used vary, including synthetic and natural options. Shirts share a role with sweaters and jumpers, which are essentially thick shirts for added warmth. Most shirts are worn by both genders.

Buyers of wholesale shirts will find a shirt supplier at, many with options for jumpers wholesale. These products are widely adopted and make a strong stock choice for traders in clothing, both to business and retail buyers. The broad range of shirts available makes it important for buyers to consider their target markets.

The typical formal shirt is white and has a collar, long sleeves and button fastenings. These are often worn as part of business attire. Depending on the nature of a company or event, other colours are commonly worn and short sleeved shirts are an option, especially in warm climates. Other shirts include the less formal T-shirt and polo shirt, which are generally more comfortable and casual. They can bear patterns and images, with a popular choice for wholesale shirts being branded merchandise. Branded shirts vary from bold images of pop culture characters to subtle logos representing exclusive brands. Both have their marketing potential, depending on the style and budget of the target audience.

A sweaters manufacturer or jumpers manufacturer will use different materials to the light fabrics used in dress shirts. For example, a sweaters supplier will often have thick, woollen sweaters in stock for winter months. All shirt types can be sold alongside trousers & jeans as complete outfits, and traders on will be able to find suppliers for any clothing needs.

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