Workwear includes the clothing that is worn when working, often in particular industries. The term usually refers to the attire for manual labour, but also includes uniforms that employees wear during working hours as a means of identification. The critical qualities of workwear are comfort and durability, as well as being safe in the working environment.

Wholesale workwear is supplied to many manual labour occupations because safety specific workwear is often mandated for hazardous working conditions, such as hard hats and steel-toed boots worn at construction sites. Any crews working on road construction, or on roads for other reasons such as utility maintenance, need to be clearly visible in all weather conditions. For these occupations, waterproof jackets and trousers with reflective tape across the chest, back, arms and legs are required. Suppliers of specific wholesale workwear are accessible using the site.

For crews working in areas that present potential fire hazards, the workwear manufacturer may have all metal attached to the clothing thermally insulated from the skin, and all garments constructed of flame retardant textiles. Other safety features included in wholesale workwear are designs that help to prevent clothing from being caught up by machinery. The rapid removal of parts of the garment covering the lower legs and lower arms is achieved by having the parts attached by Velcro.

Wholesale professional clothing is also supplied to companies requiring their employees to wear a distinctive uniform bearing the company logo. Examples of these companies are fast food chains, and some banks and retail establishments. The advantages of requiring distinctive clothing with the company logo are, first, advertising, and second, easy identification by the customer. A clearly identified employee is essential for companies that send their employees to private homes and office for repairs, metre reading, or deliveries.

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