Wholesale umbrellas are designed and created for human protection against harsh weather; wind, rain and even sun, which is why they are often referred to as parasols. Traditional umbrellas consist of an expanding canopy which is held up by a plastic, wooden or metal pole. The umbrella can be retracted when not in use. Today's umbrellas manufacturer produces the very same prototype but in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs to suit personal taste and style. Wholesale umbrellas are stationary household items used for outdoor purposes. Depending on location, the weather may be inclement or simply unpredictable, meaning retailers and department stores face a steady consumer demand for umbrellas. An umbrellas supplier for wholesale retail stock can be found using

Wholesale umbrellas have been modified over the years to accommodate consumer need and preference. As many commute to work and spend a great deal of time outdoors, prototypes have been adapted to fit in with lifestyle pace and convenience. While larger umbrellas are still very popular, smaller versions are suitable for portable use as they fit snugly into bags and overcoats, leaving room for one to manoeuvre other baggage. Retail handbag stores sell fashion bags which come equipped with small umbrellas inside, and these are very useful as they are easy to store and relocate when needed. Automatic umbrellas which expand at the touch of a button are widely used and easy to carry, even if other baggage is being transported at the same time. Pretty sun parasols, with decorative designs and interesting patterns not only shade the sun from the face, but are widely acceptable fashion accessories, being popularly utilised no matter the weather.

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Temple umbrellas with a beam of ca. 240 cm length handmade from wood and bamboo, the cover...


MGM Meyer's göttliches Meublement

'Meyers Göttliches Meublement', MGM, is a wholesale and retail business for interior...



Inheriting the know-how of our ancestors and picking up the baton of a business...

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