Decorative Plants

Decorative plants are used to bring a grace to indoor residential and commercial settings as well as to the surrounding outdoor areas. Artificial plants, which are designed to appear lifelike, are a maintenance-free alternative to live plants. Artificial plants are a boon to anyone who enjoys decorating but lacks the time or knowledge to cultivate real greenery. In commercial environments, a horticultural team is required to water, prune, and make sure the live plants are free of pests. Offering an alternative, artificial plants require only the occasional dusting, and are always at their peak.

The fact that green foliage is a welcome relief to the concrete urban world can be attested to by real estate agents, whose judicious placement of plants is designed to sell the property. Artificial plants are also used for educational purposes, such as to illustrate the varieties of plant located in a particular ecological zone in museum dioramas. Whole habitats can be re-created with the use of polyesters, silks, and wire.

Because they are artificial, decorative plants can be manufactured in a range of colours and styles. The manufacturing process is highly specialized with different manufacturing procedures, though can be used to get in touch with the manufacturer in the case of questions. One of the basic manufacturing processes uses polyester fabric and paper. Polyester is dipped in gelatine to make it stiff. The fabric is then cut into the shape of leaves and flowers and given lifelike colouring and veining using a silk screen technique. The plant is then assembled starting from the centre and moving to the outside of the form.

There is a huge market for artificial decorative plants and flowers. Containers by the thousands regularly leave Guangdong province, China, destined for global markets. provides a way for manufacturers and suppliers to be sourced by those who require artificial plants and decoration.

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