Sculptures are works of art created by carving or otherwise modelling materials into a decorative form. The iconic image of sculpture is the classical statue; human figures carved in stone, plaster or marble. This is partly because only stone sculptures from ancient eras have survived. However, modern sculpture involves a broad range of materials and subjects, which can be anything from human to irregular shapes. Sizes range also, from large statues for the garden to small artistic pieces for the shelf. Buyers of wholesale sculptures will find providers at, with a range of stock choices.

Wholesale sculptures are a great way to offer an additional, eye-catching option to existing landscaping or decoration services. A sculpture can make a new garden more interesting, perhaps with a stone statue centrepiece, while a home decoration project can be made contemporary with some modern art.

Sculptures can also be produced in wood. This is ideal for home sculptures because it’s light and attractive. Typical wooden sculptures include geometric shapes and representations of ethnic figures. Hand-carved items are an especially popular example of wholesale sculptures, depicting both craftsmanship and style and providing a talking point. Modern art sculptures tend to be more unusual, depicting shapes or stylised figures and experimenting with materials. Many new sculptures are ceramic, either mass produced or handmade, with a reassuring feel of quality. Sometimes, modern sculptures will be representations of famous landmarks, which are marketable towards the souvenir trade. Sculptures and figurines are a big part of home and garden decoration, including seasonal figures & models. Buyers of wholesale sculptures can benefit from knowing what kinds of sculpture are in vogue; the price will inevitably rise for fashionable items. A range of products can be found from traders at

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