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Seasonal figures and models are representations of characters and iconic items associated with a certain season or time of year. Most models and figures are made from plastic or wood and shaped to represent a person, animal or sometimes an object. Seasonal models are much the same but depict a certain theme and may look out of place in the wrong season. These items are prized for decorative value and reinforcing the enjoyment of the season. Buyers of seasonal models and figures will find suppliers at with wholesale options, as these items become very popular at the appropriate times of year. A wholesaler can buy bulk stock and be in a prime position to profit when consumers start decorating for a certain season.

Seasonal figures may come in any number of shapes, most often designed to reflect the major religious festival of the season. In Christian cultures, for example, many seasonal models centre around winter holidays and festivals. Depictions of angels are popular, bringing good luck to the colder days of the year. Models of mice and other furry woodland creatures are also common choices, as they thematically fit with winter. They can be made more cosy and decorative with little scarves and hats, as model makers are very creative. Winter can also be represented with pine cones in a wicker hamper, making a pleasant seasonal display. Most winter decorations follow red, green and gold colour schemes, but may also have autumnal browns.

Figures may be made specifically to weather the winter cold outdoors. Some seasonal figures are aimed at other seasonal events. Spring decorations include rabbits and eggs, bringing cheer to the New Year. These items tend to be more colourful and represent nature and life. All these items from suppliers at make great wholesale choices due to their predictable periods of popularity, alongside other kinds of sculptures and figurines.

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