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Designer goods for the home, house, and garden are manufactured by companies whose brand names connote an image of quality and luxury. Home designer products confer an elite social status on the owner on the assumption that these items can be afforded only by the wealthy few. Whilst this is the case for the high-end products of the brand, in reality, the designer home and garden industry is driven not by the higher-end items, but by the smaller, less expensive products that still bear the prestigious brand name and are marketed to the middle income earners.

Designer furniture and textiles have lasting consumer appeal not only for their aesthetic qualities, but also because they come guaranteed through brand reputation. Traders in designer goods for homes will do well to ensure the products are of enduring quality – can be used to contact suppliers and check on product information. Not limited to furniture, designer home goods include household supplies, too. The purchase of designer goods for the house allows the aspiring middle class to set their table with the kind of dinnerware and cutlery that creates an atmosphere of refined taste for their dinner guests, for example. For the cooks who take satisfaction in a well-prepared meal, designer products are the assurance that the kitchen items will perform well consistently and last for years.

Designer items for the home is a growth industry that is expanding as fast as is the middle class in emerging economies. The global and highly competitive nature of the production and promotion of designer products such as dinnerware, cutlery, textiles, kitchen items, and furniture, has increasing required a business-to-business mechanism to support and manage the burgeoning supply and demand. provides an arena for manufacturers and sellers of designer habitation and living products to form mutually-beneficial relationships that foster a penetration of the target market and as well to provide a space to showcase the latest innovations.

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