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Designer furniture is principally made for the domestic market. Unlike mass-produced furniture, where comfort and practicality for the available space are often the chief considerations, the design aesthetics of designer furniture play an equally important role. In the case of a sofa or chair, for example, the object should be as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable to sit on. A designer furniture manufacturer knows that style and the quality of the materials and finishing are important factors. From contemporary designs to iconic creations from the 20th century, the quality and finish of the woods, metals and fabrics used by the designer furniture manufacturer and the attention to detail contribute greatly in distinguishing their products from others on the market. Use to successfully locate suppliers of all styles of wholesale designer furniture.

Those looking to furnish their home with designer furniture may choose one particular style or designer, or combine different styles and periods that complement one another. Designers often take elements from classic period pieces of a bygone era and combine them with a contemporary flourish to create a distinctive and thoroughly modern product. As with all design-related industries, the market for wholesale designer furniture is a dynamic one, with new styles appearing each year. Although designer furniture is created for the home, many consumers may also purchase specific items for the office or work space. Just as a particular design adds flair to a home, an office or studio can likewise be transformed with the additions of designer furniture. In cases where an entire office suite is to be fitted, wholesale designer furniture is a convenient option to consider.

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