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Like other designer goods for the home, items that have been fashioned for use in the kitchen tend to offer a good deal more exclusivity when compared to standard culinary equipment. For example, designer kitchen items often include things like counter top knife blocks. This often means that the knives stored in the block are specially designed with super-sharp blades and ergonomically designed handles from some of the leading brands in knife making. Elsewhere, the exclusivity of designer kitchen items is exemplified by limited editions or short manufacturing runs, the sort of thing that is sometimes seen with scales, blenders and other culinary items. Usually, a designer will adapt an existing product design which is tried and tested in the mass market and provide some additional stylish details to its decoration, rather than creating something entirely new. These measures may also be backed up by improvements in the designer kitchen item's functionality, for instance by ensuring that it operates with reduced noise.

Many of the standards white goods products which are found in nearly all homes are turned into designer kitchen items at some stage. Microwaves, fridges, cookers, stoves and even kitchen sinks are all considered to be designer items if special attention has been paid to their appearance, often favouring aesthetics over functional form designs. With things like user controls subtly hidden away, clean lines and stylish back-lit displays, such products are primarily designed for the luxury kitchen market and their respective price tags often reflect this. Traders and luxury kitchen fitters can keep updated with all of the newest designer kitchen gadgets and appliances at to stay informed in what is a fast-moving and fashion conscious category of products.

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