When it comes to furnishing and interior design, few products straddle the line between aesthetically pleasing and functional as well as the mirror. Technically speaking, a mirror is simply an object that reflects light in such a way that most of the detail is preserved. In simpler terms, a mirror reflects the image of objects whose light has reached it, which allows the viewer to see reflections. A mirror can be useful for many situations, such as checking one’s appearance, as well as for safety and decorative purposes.

There are many different types of mirror, however, the average furnishing & interior design mirrors manufacturer will typically sell mostly - if not all - "plane mirror" types. A plane mirror is essentially just a flat reflective surface that can be hung on a wall or mounted to a free-standing bracket. Manufacturers of wholesale mirrors will sometimes focus on manufacturing only the mirror pane itself, and not any associated frames or stands, though suppliers for all of these extras can be sourced via productpilot.com.

A typical plane mirror found around the home is most commonly manufactured using a pane of transparent glass that is then coated on one side with a reflective material. Though glass is the most common, it is not the only surface. Plastic alternatives can be used, for example, which provide greater safety from risk of injury due to a smashed mirror, but also give a less perfect reflection. Plastic is more prone to warping, which can distort the image as viewed.

Wholesale mirrors are often simplistic in design as a necessity for the manufacturing process, however, more complex products can usually be found at a smaller mirrors manufacturer. The market for wholesale mirrors is one in which it pays to stay informed. Productpilot.com can help traders stay up to date with access to all the latest information and developments from registered sellers.

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