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Picture & frames have a wide range of uses and feature in many industry sectors; in the collectibles industry, crafts and hobbies, or as a thoughtful gift. A framed picture can be hung on a wall as simple decoration, it can contain pictures of loved ones, a treasured painting, artwork by children, and much more. Wholesale frames are typically sold in home stores, empty or with place holder pictures, enabling the consumer to fit their own picture as desired. Though fine artwork may be framed in a picture frame, wholesale frames do not come with such pictures, and any wholesale pictures are usually reprints of relatively popular paintings or photographs. For whichever retail or business purpose, offers a resource for locating suppliers.

Picture frames can be made from a variety of materials, though perhaps the most popular is wood. Wooden picture frames may be a simple rectangular frame, they can be carved into elegant designs, finished in paint or varnish, or even gilded to give it a solid gold look. Picture frames can also be made of metals—such as stainless steel—or glass. Glass frames can be given a "frosted" effect for a different style, and may even be etched with designs or messages. Though personalised messages are not feasible when buying a picture frame wholesale, many suppliers and services will add a personalised message to existing frames after purchase.

Wholesale frames tend to be limited to those styles of frame that are easy to mass produce, however, there is a growing market for niche craft frames made by independent retailers. The nature of mass production means that it is unlikely to find a unique picture frame wholesale, though this does not detract from their decorative qualities. The picture & frames sector of the gifts & crafts industry is an interesting one. The product itself is complementary to a number of other products, increasing its popularity. can help traders in this market stay abreast of all the latest supplier product developments.

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