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Roller blinds are used as an alternative to curtains in order to cover a window. Roller blinds are usually hung on the inside of the window, though it is possible to obtain blinds for use on the outside of buildings, too. Roller blinds are commonly placed in the bathroom or kitchen, as well as featuring commonplace in hospitals and food preparation establishments. Easily dismounted and cleaned, these window coverings portray a sense of hygiene as well as providing a safe alternative to curtains in nurseries for young children.

There is a generous range of synthetic fibres available for use as blinds, as well as the ability to mix natural and synthetic materials. Operated manually or electrically, the colour schemes and patterns available on roller blinds is vast. For working environments where hygiene standards are in place, light, neutral colours are suitable as they imply a cleanliness. For use in the home, more decorative options can be considered. Roller blind window coverings from China with attractive intricate oriental designs, European and American roller blind window coverings with city skylines depicted, or blinds in pastel shades to blend or contrast with the interior house decor are available. Blinds which depict brand, logo, and products when unfurled are used in the offices of many large companies.

Rollers are not just used inside properties. Heavy duty waterproof blinds, some incorporating clear plastic ‘windows’ are used on bar and cafe terraces as windbreaks, during wet weather, or to provide an element of privacy. For those who manufacture blinds for interior home design and decorating companies, or heavy duty blinds for exterior use in bars and cafes, provides the ideal portal for sourcing window coverings.

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Uni-Soleil’s 2” Mono Control Wooden Venetian Blind is innovative product comparing...


Aerolux GmbH

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550 Roller Blind Fabrics for all Applications

Starting July 2015, the new MHZ Roller Blind Collection is available for delivery...


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Aluminum Blind

Simple, Bright and Colorful Appearance. Slat Width: 25mm, 50mm Slat Thickness: 0.15mm...


APRESAN Apre San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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Bamboo blind

Bamboo roll up blind with auto lock. Bamboo slat on top and bottom. To prevent young...


Bayar Plast Yapi Urunleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Bayar has  been supplying many types of window coverings. Our product range comprises...


Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds is a manufacturer of clever and innovative roof and window blinds. We...


Black out fabric

Design name : Excellent 100% polyester , 2side coated fabric  


Shenzhen BOFU Mechanic & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen BOFU Mechanic & Electronic Co,.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of AC...

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