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The furnishings & interior design industry covers many bases, but few require level of involvement that sinks & showers do. Sinks and showers are essential items in bathrooms, both in private households as well as in hotels and hostels, for example, too. Not only do sink & showers have to look appealing and be functional, they have to be plumbed into the building, which can place a certain amount of restriction on which sinks & showers can be used. A shower manufacturer specialising in walk–in showers, for example, is the ideal contact only if the space in the bathroom is sufficient enough for the shower to be fitted. Similarly a sinks manufacturer may offer a luxurious free-standing sink, but if it is intended for an area where there is counter top, it will require considerably more effort to fit. Experts for fitting these items as well as ensuring the correct model can be sourced are available on

Wholesale sinks can come in various styles, but tend toward simple and traditional designs. It is possible to get obscure, even unique designs, but a sinks producer will be unlikely to manufacture such products in large numbers due to the niche nature of the product. A simple porcelain basin, however, is inexpensive and functional, making it an ideal choice for a wholesale sinks supplier. The same rule can be applied to wholesale showers.

Sinks & showers work according to the same basic principle. They have an inlet for water, an area where the water is contained, (typically a basin for sinks, showers can sometimes have a shower basin but there are other styles, such as wet room showers where the floor of the room is the floor of the shower), and finally, they have an outlet for the water to run out. The basic technology of sinks & showers is largely unchanged for many years, however, there are peripheral advances always being made, such as improved water heating showers, and contact–less sink taps. can help traders ensure they can keep up with the items available in the world of wholesale sinks and showers.

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