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Wholesale tapestries and wallpapers are decorative items used to adorn the interior walls of buildings, both private and commercial. Wallpaper has been used since the renaissance as a method of providing decoration to the walls of homes. Wallpaper is usually supplied in roles, which are hung vertically and attached to the walls with a paste. Wholesale wallpapers can be plain or patterned, with the patterns often designed to be repeating so that it is difficult to discern the individual sheets. Wholesale tapestries have been used to decorate homes for even longer than wallpaper. Dating back as far as the Middle Ages, tapestries are traditionally woven from materials such as wool and cotton, but can also be produced from silk or even gold and silver. Productpilot.com can be used to locate suppliers of these materials.

Despite the vastly improved techniques used in the manufacture and materials, wallpapers and wholesale tapestries are essentially the same items that have adorned the walls of homes and businesses for centuries. Changing trends and fashions mean that consumers will alter and adapt their wallpaper fairly regularly to keep up with the current styles, making it all the more necessary for wholesale buyers to have suppliers who are up to date. Tapestries have a sturdier build and more intricate construction, and are often seen as a longer-term investment although these too can be changed to follow the latest trends. With a long and proud tradition, wallpaper and tapestries have survived the changing fashions in interior decoration over the years. They have cemented themselves in the armoury of the interior designer and homeowner and continue to go from strength to strength. Suppliers of wholesale tapestries and wallpapers can be sourced on productpilot.com.

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