An essential aspect of daily life, furniture consists not only of standard items, such as tables, chairs and beds, but also more specifically ergonomically designed items to facilitate safe working and living environments. A furniture manufacturer will create items from any combination of materials, including natural and man-made resources, meaning contacts with a reliable trader and wholesale business is vital. As such, the furniture industry is closely related to the design and manufacturing industries, as well as involving health-care industries and environmental companies.’s Office Furniture category might also be of use to businesses seeking contacts.

As well as the undeniable functional use in home, business, leisure, medical and outdoor environments, furniture is also decorative and often created by master craftsmen, encompassing style and beauty and sometimes symbolic of culture and/or religion. The furniture industry is undeniably vast and has to meet not only aesthetic, but also health and safety criteria by law, meaning design is an essential aspect of any furniture production.

Being so closely related to the design industry, furniture can be created as individual, one-off specials or as part of wholesale, mass production. The design process takes into account style and fashion as well as safety, the use of environmentally-friendly materials plus ergonomic considerations. Various European and international laws set standards to which designs must comply, and each individual supplier and/or trader has a duty of care to the end user to ensure the items are fit for purpose. Given the incredible diversity of the furniture industry, locating reliable manufacturers or wholesalers of required products is an essential aspect of a company’s success.

For locating and sourcing reliable furniture manufacturers, is the portal to use, ensuring companies with furniture supply needs can find the contacts they need. Regardless of where in the supply chain a contact is needed, companies can use to source and locate the contact required.

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