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Closets and dressers are furniture pieces designed to store clothing articles, fashion accessories such as bags and shoes and personal belongings like toiletries, make-up, and perfume. Wholesale dressers for women come in many styles and usually incorporate attached mirrors, additional drawer space and matching stools. The traditional dresser is a staple furnishing item for modern bedrooms and can add a touch of personal charm and character to home décor and design choices. Closets are also designed to store and protect clothing items and accessories and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

When purchasing closets wholesale, it is not unusual for modernized models to have additional features built in for extra comfort and space, offering storage convenience. These features might include compartments for storing bags and shoes, extra shelving or rail capacity for hanging garments. Closets may even come with lockable drawers for added security. Furniture and furnishings made from high-end materials and textiles bearing brand names and designer labels make wholesale dressers desirable objects. Closets and dressers can be mass produced for large retail home décor departments and furniture specialist stores, though hand-made bespoke collections may also be created. The dresser and closets wholesale industry is forever improving and evolving to create finer luxury furnishings.

Manufacturers of closets and dressers often display their expertise in producing other related furniture items, too, such as wickerwork, computer furniture and luxury designer furniture pieces. Demand for better quality wood types and decorative embellishments which utilize valuable fabrics and textiles is always increasing. Innovative and uniquely designed closets and dressers suppliers, even those newly introduced to this competitive marketplace, can be found through

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Bath Cabinet with Lock

- Chrome Plated Handles - Product dimensions: 17*38*32 cm h


Aljuan s.l. (Hega Hogar)

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Ansan Metal ve Plastik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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De Pagter Antiek & Interieur B.V.

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Zhejiang Mission Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery and tableware set...

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