As essential items of furniture, wholesale cabinets are sold into many different markets. Antique cabinets and domestic cabinets are frequently sold, via wholesale traders, by retailers to householders. Office cabinets, such as display and filing cabinets, tend to be sold directly by a specialist cabinets supplier and are sometimes made to order by bespoke cabinet makers. The wholesale cabinets industry also serves some very specialist sectors of the economy, such as secure medicine cabinets which are provided for doctors' surgeries, pharmacists, hospitals and so on. These tend to be easy to keep clean with smooth surfaces but can also be locked up, when unattended, to prevent unauthorised access.

Whichever sector it happens to be designing for, a cabinets manufacturer will be constructing a product which has one primary purpose - that of storage. Like cupboards and wardrobes, cabinets are designed to provide a space for any variety of items. A typical cabinets manufacturer will commonly supply their product with a front-closing door, usually fitted on a set of hinges so that the contents cannot be viewed inside, making for a neat appearance when the cabinet is closed. A wide selection of new cabinet product innovations and their suppliers can be discovered at

Although floor standing cabinets, such as filing cabinets, are common, many cabinet makers opt for wall mounted designs. The cabinets wholesale market is full of products which can be mounted on walls of homes, businesses and offices, with fixing like screws and plaster board plugs. This means they are usually accessed at eye level. Many cabinets designed for the floor are now fitted with casters so that they can be moved easily, even when they happen to be fully loaded, thus providing a convenient alternative to wall-mounted options.

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