Part of the furniture industry, wholesale seating is supplied to retailers who tend to sell their products from showrooms. A typical seating supplier will have only modest levels of stock when it comes to sofas, settees and arm chairs, largely due to their size. Any order taken from a customer is then sent directly to the relevant seating manufacturer to produce or wholesaler to ship, with many contacts available on the business site,

Retailers are more likely to keep larger numbers of stackable chairs available for immediate purchase, since these are less costly to store and to transport. The wholesale seating sector is made up of two important categories – outdoor seating, such as rattan furniture, and indoor, soft furnishings. In the main, indoor seating is for the domestic market and the commonest way for it to be bought is as a three piece suite, most usually one settee and two armchairs. Settees tend to come in two sizes; two seaters and three seaters. Some makers do, however, produce longer models. Variants include L-shaped couches which are produced in both left and right handed versions. In addition, some settees can be converted into beds which are usually designed for occasional overnight use only.

As well as settees and sofas, the seating sector produces arm chairs and reading chairs. Arm chairs tend to be smaller versions of sofas, but for a single occupant, with the same soft furnishing. Reading chairs, on the other hand, tend to offer a stiffer seat back and sometimes have high wings for additional comfort. Rocking chairs and benches, which have no back at all, are also made in a huge number of different designs. Traders of seating furniture are able to keep one step ahead of the competition with, where all of the latest designs are easy to track down.

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