Frequently found in offices and homes, shelves are simple storage units which allow items to be stowed away, usually against a wall. The wholesale shelves sector supplies to both domestic retailers and the office supply industries. A typical shelves manufacturer will make products for both of these markets, but a shelves supplier – many of which can be found on - will tend to be focussed on one or the other. Essentially, the design of shelves has changed little for centuries. They are products which are fixed to walls with brackets which, when the shelf is loaded, transfer the weight of the stored items downwards and through into the wall. In an office setting, this means that items such as files and folders can be made accessible but are still out of the way. With domestic usage, shelving units tend to come with two or three separate horizontal structures on a single set of braces, which means that the shelves can be layered up, making them ideal for display purposes, or for a book case, for example.

The products of the wholesale shelves industry differ from cupboards and cabinets because shelves are open. They have no top to them, nor do they have a door which can be closed, either. For this reason, they require dusting to keep them in good condition, but in terms of maintenance little else is needed. In industrial settings and warehouses, shelving units can be free-standing. This design of shelf has an upright brace which need not necessarily be anchored to the floor. Usually made from steel or another high-strength material interlocking arms can be inserted onto which items can be stored directly, or trestles placed. Such systems are true shelves, but commonly referred to as racking storage. Professionals looking to find out about the latest product innovations with home and office storage and shelving units can make use of

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