Fireworks are explosives which, when set off, provide entertaining and exciting night-time displays of lights. Unlike consumer fireworks, which are sold directly to the general public, usually in small quantities, wholesale fireworks are sold to retailers and professional firework display teams in larger quantities. A fireworks manufacturer supplies fireworks, in bulk, to a fireworks wholesaler or retailer who may - subject to the classification of the fireworks - resell them to the general public.

However, some larger wholesaler fireworks are only available to professional fireworks companies with appropriate insurance and licensed storage facilities. These types of wholesale fireworks, which include aerial shells, are extremely dangerous in the hands of the untrained and are banned for sale to the general public at any time of year under any circumstances. In other words, one fireworks wholesaler may differ from the next in terms of the fireworks available.

Retail outlets, such as supermarkets, typically apply for a temporary licence that allows them to cash in on seasonal business at times of national celebration, for example. However, they can only sell smaller, lighter and potentially destructive fireworks to the general public. These consumer fireworks, also known as garden, or display, fireworks, have clear instructions for use and a safety fuse. They are also limited in the amount of noise they produce.

Obviously, all fireworks are used to create a display of some kind, usually depending on the size of the budget and the acreage of land available. Less powerful, consumer fireworks are fine for domestic back garden displays but, for an intense, high impact displays in larger areas, professional fireworks are a better option. If you are looking for a fireworks manufacturer or wholesaler with a diversified product range and across the board experience in the industry, can be used to find such as company.

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