Often sold by furniture retailers alongside products such as rattan furniture and wicker seating, hammocks provide a popular outdoor and indoor method for relaxing. In its most basic form, a hammock is essentially a large, wide strip of fabric which can be attached to two poles or supports, allowing the owner to lie out on the fabric. Originally used in places where lack of space was an issue - for example, on board ships – hammocks are now widely regarded as leisure products. The wholesale hammocks market delivers many different products to retailers which are primarily sold as fun items that complement other items of furniture, rather than replacing them. Suppliers of both essential and luxury furniture items can be found using productpilot.com.

A typical hammocks manufacturer, for example, will market their product on a beach, tied between two trees, or in a garden setting on a relaxed, sunny day. Hammocks are perfectly practical and are sometimes bought as an alternative to a conventional bed. Many wholesale hammocks are designed for comfort and use a woven fabric which spreads out under the weight of an occupant. Others use tarpaulin-like or nylon fabrics which can be just as comfortable. In some cases, a hammocks manufacturer will make a product which is designed for jungle use. These use breathable material which is sometimes dipped in insect repellent. With a stranded structure, they are also highly breathable, ideal for humid equatorial conditions.

Although plenty of hammocks that are currently in production use nothing more than material in their construction, some have braces at either end, usually made from wood or metal poles. These are designed to keep a hammock's shape spread out when they are laid in, rather than wrapping around the occupant. Along with hammock frames and garden fixing systems, traders can discover all they need to know about modern hammock technology at productpilot.com.

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