Maintaining a garden is a popular pastime for homeowners and those with shared communal gardens, as well as a necessity for local governing bodies and schools. Even though not every house has access to a garden, the joys and benefits of gardening can be shared by all; with a little creativity and the right wholesale gardening products, a patio, balcony or even a window sill can be transformed and brought to life by flowers, herbs and even vegetables. For those living in urban areas, the opportunity to nurture and cultivate a garden, however modest, can significantly improve the quality of their lives. A gardening wholesaler on will have a comprehensive selection of flower pots, flower boxes, flower troughs, seed trays and planters for any space, big or small.

Large ceramic and stone pots and troughs from a gardening supplier are ideal for a patio, where these heavy objects are less likely to be moved. Wooden troughs can add rustic charm, whilst wholesale gardening pots in plastic or rust proof metal are a good choice for balconies and window sills, where excess weight is to be avoided. Advances in technology have helped create lightweight resin and fibrestone pots indistinguishable from genuine stone, terracotta, metal and ceramic pots. Plastic or enamel flower pots in brilliant colours from a gardening supplier can provide a dynamic contrast to greenery. Galvanised steel pots are an excellent option for the stylish contemporary home.

Container, or micro-gardening, is an increasingly important sector of the wholesale gardening market. The intensive cultivation of plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables benefits both the grower and the environment. Something as simple as a watering can from a gardening wholesaler can be left outside to collect rainwater, and household waste can be converted to compost for any gardening needs.

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