Insect Screens & Sun Protection

Insect screens & sun protection products generally fall into the category of home and personal safety. In hot countries and during summer, protection from the sun and from potentially dangerous insects is incredibly important. The tiny mosquito, for example, is among the deadliest of all creatures because of the amount of diseases - malaria, west Nile virus, and many more - that it can transmit to humans. It is vital that insect screens to prevent bugs like this from interacting with humans continue to be manufactured, sold and constantly improved on. And naturally, insect screens can also be aesthetically pleasing as well as life-savers - some also have extra features like fire retardation. Insect screens can come in different styles and colours to suit almost any home, meaning traders in any industry could consider adapting insect protection products in their range by sourcing the relevant contacts.

Sun protection products are needed due to the risk of skin cancer caused by too much exposure to UV radiation from the sun. 86% of all melanomas are caused by this - a very high number that needs to be reduced. Wise traders working in the sun protection industry, which includes products such as sunglasses, sunscreen and umbrella shades, keep up to date with the latest scientific advances in order to improve their products and reduce the risk of cancer. Designer sunglasses often appeal to consumers as status symbols, for example, but there is advanced technology behind them that reduces eye discomfort, damage or strain when out in the sun.

The protection industry - which encompasses all these products - is noted for adapting fast, and also adapts fast to connect to manufacturers and bring buyers these important products that could potentially save many lives.

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