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An insect screen is a mesh screen stretched over a metal or wooden frame and is used to keep insects, small animals, and debris from entering the working space. Insect screens are usually placed in front of open spaces to permit light and the flow of fresh air through a facility. Other industrial and commercial purposes of insect screens are to create shade to keep the facility cooler, reduce harmful UV rays and glare, and discourage the opportunistic burglar. Insect screens prevent workers from being distracted by insects, as well as protect machinery and keep supplies from being contaminated by insects and rodents. The insect screen supplier, such as can be found at, typically services industries and commercial enterprises with food manufacturing and preparation facilities, loading docks, distribution centres, and warehouses.

The insect screen manufacturer constructs the screen of fiberglass, metal wire, nylon or polyester. Screens for larger areas, such as loading docks, are constructed of vinyl coated polyester with galvanized steel hardware and come in retractable and sliding formats. The insect screen manufacturer produces retractable screen doors that can be mounted on the inside or outside or under the door eave and are manually operated or motorized. Jamb mounted bi-parting doors lock together in the centre and are operated manually. Pneumatic reversing edges and photo-eyes can be installed to prevent workers or products from being caught between closing doors. Evenly placed pipe staffs along the door and floor locking pins offer stability against the wind. Sliding screen doors are more convenient in areas of minimal traffic. Another model provided by the insect screen manufacturer is the sliding mesh curtain. Sliding mesh curtains are useful for smaller door openings and use a track and roller mechanism mounted under the door eave to move the screen as needed. Insect screens are essential for safe working environments during warmer weather. provides access to insect screen supplier products and details.

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