Picnics & Barbecues

Though not necessarily a product in and of itself, picnics & barbecues typically go hand in hand with outdoor dining and are as such associated with a range of products. A picnic is an outdoor meal usually defined by the location it is eaten in. Picnics will often be experienced in scenic locations, such as public parks, and can be shared by parties ranging in size from two people to a larger group of people. Though not essential to the definition of a picnic, picnics are usually contributed to by all participants. Meanwhile, barbecues are a method of cooking food that is exclusively used outdoors and is often portable, making it an ideal option for a planned picnic.

The average consumer will not purchase their barbecue wholesale, but this is preferable for large retail entities due to the decreased cost. Likewise, manufacturers prefer to make barbecue wholesale deals due to the guaranteed order quantity. Productpilot.com can be used to source wholesale suppliers. Though a picnic itself is not a product, there are many products associated with this experience. In addition to wholesale barbecue products, many garden & outdoor suppliers will stock wholesale picnic items, using productpilot.com to access picnic wholesale traders.

Such products as may be found in the picnic section of a garden & outdoor retailer include various containers - including the traditional picnic basket itself, food stuffs, blankets to lay down under the picnic, even insect repellents and sun cream. A wide range of outdoor products can fall under the picnic umbrella - including umbrellas - as it is an outdoor pursuit and, as such, many outdoor products are applicable. The range of barbecue related products is more refined; limited to barbecues and barbecue products for operating a barbecue. With any market sector it is important to stay informed. Productpilot.com can help traders with access to all the latest developments from this and other markets.

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