Clothes Horse

A clothes horse or clothes airer is a manufactured product designed for domestic use in the home. This expandable rack comes in many shapes and forms, and can be made from materials such as steel and plastic. This indoor drying system folds outwards and provides several layers of bars where wet clothing can be arranged for drying and organisational purposes. Modern day clothes horses usually come complete with two extra wings on either side to accommodate smaller items of clothing like under garments and socks. As part of habitation and living circumstances, home appliances such as these items are essential and offer practical solutions to problems that are part and parcel of daily chores and tasks. The clothes airer can be substituted for the traditional clothes line that is used in an outdoor space such as a patio or garden area.

A clothes horse is ideal for anyone who has limited home space or garden facilities to hang wet clothes, as they are specifically designed to discreetly fit into small utility rooms when needed. This device can be folded away and put into storage when not being utilized and offers an inexpensive alternative to the tumble dryer. Clothes airers are an ideal solution for those who have restricted living space. Manufacturers and suppliers of clothes airer product lines are in constant demand because modern apartments, flats and homes are often shared by several individuals making living quarters cramped. Most often used in the domestic environment, institutions such as schools or kindergartens often find it useful to have a clothes horse. Suppliers and manufacturers of these products can reach potential buyers through where business partnerships can blossom and grow.

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