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Just as with other home appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, wholesale cooking appliances are made to standard sizes so that they can fit into many kitchen designs. Indeed, wholesale kitchen appliances of all types are all designed to be able to be switched around in standard fitted kitchens, so the configuration can be altered at the design stage, if wanted. A kitchen appliances manufacturer will, however, usually specify certain areas where cookers and ovens should be fitted due to the heat that they generate. For example, although other wholesale kitchen appliances may only need electrical supply and - in some cases - water, products like gas hobs need to be close to a gas outlet. Furthermore, they should not be mounted into work surfaces that have insufficient headroom above them. Generally speaking, though, wholesale kitchen appliances like electric hobs are sized so they have the same width as standard ovens. This is so they can be installed in the same cooking position as one another. Unlike cookers – which combine a hob, grill and oven in a single appliance – these appliances can also be split up in certain kitchen designs for an alternative arrangement, if preferred.

Despite a typical kitchen appliances manufacturer referring to their cookers, ovens and hobs as white goods, this is seldom the case. Many product designers opt for finishes other than white, with chrome and brushed stainless steel being popular choices. The term white goods is a generic one that the industry continues to use on a widespread basis. Anyone who is looking for product developments with cooking appliances, from standalone grills to convection ovens, can use to discover compelling new ideas from some of the best up and coming designers, as well as established brands.

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