Ironing Accessories

Ironing (or pressing) accessories are natural by-products created to assist the traditional house iron. Household tasks like laundry and ironing have spurned a variety of products that help make ironing a more pleasant and easy experience. Modernized irons designed for pressing clothes, require careful maintenance in order to work effectively and last their natural lifetime. Products that clean, polish and remove scaly dirt and grime from the irons surface ensures good performance while cleaning agents created for inner components, keeps vital mechanical elements ticking over. Other ironing accessories on, include a variety of helpful and functional tools.

Rest pads are useful when the iron is temporarily inactive. Sleeve board replacement covers may be required when an ironing board has had too much wear and tear. Chemically treated pressing cloths can improve creases, as can clappers which is a wooden item that clasps clothing to imprint a sharply defined crease line. A cuff clam is an innovative ironing tool, that caters for well shaped cuffs, while a steam pressing board is a great accessory for those who want perfect sleeve lines. Pressing mitts are also great tools for the seasoned ironer, as they make hard-to-reach nooks and crannies accessible.

Versions of the pressing mitt have been adapted to suit steam irons and are usually made of thick, cotton terry cloth. These mitts are insulated to protect the skin and are twice as effective when it comes to stubborn wrinkles in items of clothing, making them ideal ironing accessories. For laundry facilities and other clothes cleaning companies, industrialized ironing accessories are essential factory tools that keep their business' up and running.

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