Power Sockets

Power sockets are the devices through which electronic appliances receive their power. They are often built into the walls of rooms at various locations that allow for appliances to be plugged in conveniently. It is rare for plug sockets to be anywhere other than low down on a wall in the home, but in a business setting they can be found set into floors and ceilings as suits the need of the business. A typical sockets manufacturer will supply a range of different types to suit many needs. This may range from the number of sockets in a single unit, to additional features, such as built in USB charging ports. Though they can be purchased in a number of different store types, the range of DIY dealer sockets tends to be larger than an average store. DIY and electrical stores will often buy wholesale sockets in large quantities, with suppliers readily available on productpilot.com.

Plug sockets use what is known as alternating current, or "AC", to power appliances. The socket itself will consist of two or three holes that an appliance can be plugged into. The holes themselves usually have a safety flap inside in order to reduce the risk of accidental electrocution. The amount of electricity, measured in volts, varies depending on the region. Each plug socket has to adhere to set national standards in order to ensure safety and compatibility with other appliances from the same region.

Due to rigorous standards and limited functionality, there is little distinguishing one dealer sockets from another. Many sockets come in various finishes for a different look and feel, but other dealer sockets soon catch up with any new developments. Productpilot.com can help ensure traders are found, ready to meet any business needs.

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