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Refrigerators and freezers are machines that use a heat pump to create a sealed, cooled chamber for the preservation of food. Both machines are common household appliances, often cabinet shaped, that have revolutionised the storage and transport of food. Food kept inside a refrigerator or freezer stays at a constantly low temperature, which slows the reproduction of bacteria to prevent rot or mould. Freezers differ from refrigerators by lowering temperatures further, until food items freeze completely and can be stored for significant periods of time. Buyers looking for wholesale refrigerator or wholesale freezers will find a refrigerator manufacturer at, with a range of appliances.

Refrigerators and freezers come in recognisable designs, with most models comprising of a cabinet-like unit with a single door and a heat pump built into the back. Variations include tall appliances, which are two units high to store more food, or chest freezers which are wide and have a lid instead of a door. A refrigerator manufacturer will often also produce a hybrid unit, with a refrigerator on top of a freezer, ideal for space-saving.

Sometimes a freezer manufacturer will produce large, multi-function freezers known as American style freezers. These larger units have more storage space and compartments, plus many have ice dispensers built into the door. Such large variations are popular in restaurants or other eating establishments, as well as hospitals, where a vast amount of food or perishables has to be stored safely. The varieties of appliances can also include choices of colour, digital displays and differing mechanisms. For example, the typical refrigerator manufacturer may implement a noisy compressor into their products, but absorption-based refrigerators have a much smaller, quieter mechanism.

Buyers seeking wholesale appliances from a freezer manufacturer might also consider other indispensable household items, such as dishwashers and cooking appliances.

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