Tumble Dryers

Like many other sorts of home appliances, such as dishwashers and freezers, tumble dryers are classified as white goods. This is because a typical tumble dryer manufacturer will produce products which are coloured white on the outside so that they blend in with other such equipment. Nevertheless, it is increasingly trendy for a tumble dryer supplier at productpilot.com to sell different coloured dryers, in particular grey and silver. Whichever colour the market happens to demand, most tumble dryers perform similar functions; that of drying clothes by a combination of heat and agitation.

The most common type made by an average tumble dryer manufacturer is a spin dryer which operates much like a washing machine. A drum revolves which forces dampness out of clothes, whilst the air temperature is raised to evaporate any water. Other systems that some makers opt for are condenser dryers, steam compression dryers and even microwave dryers.

Although a tumble dryer manufacturer may stock one or more of these technologies, most consumers are interested in three particular product considerations. Firstly, the load capacity is important and normally given in kilos, rather than the volume that a machine can handle. The second consideration is the speed of a drying cycle since most dryers are used only occasionally, when fast dries are needed, or when hanging laundry outside is impossible. Lastly, consumers are concerned with the energy usage of their tumble dryer, usually given by a letter-based rating. This aspect is important both in terms of the onward running costs and the environmentally friendliness of any particular product. It is possible to keep up to date with product developments in the field of tumble drying by visiting productpilot.com.

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