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In the automotive industry, many tools are employed for various tasks. Ladders and steps are no exception. Whether they are used for reaching the roof of a high vehicle, climbing up to a raised vehicle to start the engine while it is off the ground, or simply reaching a high storage area, ladders and steps are understated, yet essential tools to have in any garage. Many a ladders manufacturer, such as those available via, will make and sell wholesale ladders in large quantities due to the usefulness and, therefore, demand for this product.

Ladders consist of two vertical rails that are held together by a number of rungs. The rungs are what a person using the ladders will stand on and hold onto as they climb. A ladder is typically leaned against a structure at an angle, allowing a person to climb up. Ladders often need support to stop the feet of the ladder from sliding while in use. This can come in the form of braces that hook around the bottom of the ladder, or simply another person steadying it. Ladders can also come as extension ladders, which are essentially multiple sets of ladders that can extend upward, increasing the vertical reach of the ladder. Wholesale ladders can also come in the form of stepladders. Step ladders have a much shorter reach than the average ladder, but the trade–off is that they don't require a structure to lean against. Step ladders consist of two small ladders hinged at one end. They are sometimes referred to as "A frame" ladders, due to their profile resembling the letter "A" when set up. They can then collapse down to a flat ladder to save space.

The market for wholesale ladders is as susceptible to the march of technology as any other, and the average ladders manufacturer is always looking to make their products safer, lighter, and cheaper. can help buyers with access to the latest supplier information from this sector.

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