A ladder is a piece of equipment that allows for the reaching of high places, often for the purpose of repair or maintenance work. There are variations of the basic ladder design dependent on the way in which it is used. Rope ladders, for example, are hung from the area they are leading to. Step ladders function as free standing ladders and don't require additional support to use. The most common form, however, is a straight set of ladders that is leaned against a structure in order to reach higher parts of it. A typical ladders manufacturer will produce many different styles of wholesale ladders, with suppliers to be sourced on

Ladders are constructed with two straight rails that travel the length of the ladder, joined together by many "rungs", which a person will hold on to/stand on in order to climb. A slight variation on the standard ladder is an extension ladder, which is essentially a construct of multiple ladders stacked on top of each other. These ladders can then be slid out telescopically, allowing for a ladder to double or triple its reach without taking up excessive amounts of storage space when not in use. Typical materials used in the construction of these ladders are wood and lightweight aluminium.

Ladders are essential in many kinds of work involving the construction or maintenance of buildings, but many homes own a ladder for various odd jobs, such as maintenance and decorating tasks. The market for wholesale ladders is strong, with many homes and businesses constantly needing this important and useful piece of equipment. can help buyers stay informed of all the latest developments in this sector of the market, keeping in touch with their ladders manufacturer.

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