Hot-Water Bottles

Wholesale hot-water bottles are usually used to store hot, but not boiling, water for domestic use. They are primarily used to bring additional warmth and comfort to the body or bed at bedtime, or can also be used to relieve muscle aches and pains. Hot-water bottles come in a variety of shapes and colours, and are made from strengthened, water-resistant rubber. The rubber container holds and maintains the temperature of the water inside, and this can be used as a heating aid for cold beds.

Typically, wholesale hot-water bottles can hold up to two litres of water. Smaller versions, travel water bottles or products for children may be designed to hold smaller amounts of water. The traditional hot-water bottles wholesale trade caters for products of this kind to suit men, women and children, though suppliers of all kinds can be found at Modern prototypes are usually accompanied by attractive hot-water bottle covers knitted from quality wool and other durable, insulating textiles. Hot-water bottles are also used for home décor purposes. They can be displayed on bedroom linen sets and make pretty bedroom furniture decorative ornaments.

Manufacturers and suppliers of hot-water bottles enjoy a thriving trade with drugstores, chemists and pharmaceutical companies who sell these specialized bed-warming items. Like their counterparts, gel warmers and hot pads, the humble hot-water bottle can be used as an additional medicinal aid when nursing a sprained muscle. Others use a hot-water bottle to help relieve back pain or abdominal cramping. Whether its functions are medicinal or comfort-based, hot-water bottles remain highly desirable items, with new models and designs being introduced to the consumer marketplace all the time. Interested buyers keen to keep abreast of information can do so on

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