Trays are flat platforms used as a carrying aid, usually with a lip around the outer edge that acts both as a handle and a barrier. Trays make it easier for smaller loads to be carried, with the lip creating a shallow recess to prevent spillage. Used in various daily activities, trays are most commonly associated with the serving of food. They can be made of various materials, such as wood, metal or plastic and they often have a decorative element.

With trays being used daily around the world, both in homes and businesses, they make a potentially lucrative wholesale commodity. Wholesale trays can be obtained from a trays manufacturer or catering trader at The best dealer trays feature pleasant patterns, carrying handles, durable materials and sometimes additional features like padding. Trays can appeal to several budgets. For example, inexpensive plastic trays are suitable for their function but not especially attractive. On the opposite end, silver trays are prized items, often with ornate additions and filigree. These are sometimes seen in expensive restaurants, with circular plastic or wooden trays frequently used in bars.

Cafeteria trays are usually rectangular and see repeated daily use, making it easier for customers to get hot food without being burned or having to make repeat journeys for additional items. Wholesale trays are an important item for this kind of service cafeteria, though their frequent use and aggressive cleaning procedures mean these items are subject to some significant wear and tear. Some restaurants use disposable trays of pulp or cardboard, which must be constantly restocked, though suppliers are available at Trays are used many other purposes, such as plant trays, surgical trays and baking trays, all of which make popular wholesale items.

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